Why you should choose stainless steel jewellery

Is it really worth the hype?


Stainless steel is becoming a staple in the jewellery industry. Cheaper than solid gold, and extremely more durable than traditional brass, this metal is a favourite amongs millennials. 


But is it really worth the hype?

Stainless steel is a highly durable metal, thanks to an invisible layer of chromium that prevents oxidation. It is highly resistant to scratches and corrosion, making it the perfect material for everyday jewellery. Here's 5 reasons why stainless steel is the perfect material for your everyday jewellery: 


1. It's affordable


Everyday jewellery should be long lasting, tarnish resistant and... affordable! Stainless steel is the perfect combination of quality and price. 



2. It's sustainable


Did you know that stainless steel is non-degradable and 100% recyclable? This is one of the reasons why it is becoming extremely popular. 



3. It's durable

Since it's a hard metal, stainless steel won't scratch, tarnish or rust for a very long time - even when in contact with water. 



4. It's hypoallergenic 


Concerned with allergies? Stainless steel jewellery was originally created for people who could't use precious metals jewellery due to allergies. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic and, here at Velvie, our jewellery is also nickel free, so you can wear it non-stop. 



5. Premium design 


Stainless steel allows manufactures to create multiple designs and it is completely customizable.